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Our knowledge and experience make us second to none.

Chelsea International Cold Storage & Logistics designs, manages, and implements cold supply chain solutions. We provide innovative strategies for operating modern cold storage facilities.

We provide hands-on training on extending the shelf life of perishable crops and reducing post-harvest losses, how to handle the product safely, and help guide you through parastatal and government regulations and procedures to grow your business and enter the global market. Chelsea International is the premier cold chain supply solution.


Project Development and Asset Management for The Cold Supply Chain Sector.

Our services & capabilities include development management, technical project and cost management, leadership training, state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology knowledge, commercial contract negotiation, governmental contracts, transaction management, and due diligence.

Cold Chain Solutions

Consultancy in Cold Storage, Transportation to Extend the Shelf Life of Perishable Crops & Reduce Post-Harvest Loss, Inventory/Tracking Management, Food Safety, Sorting/Packing/Grading is just a tiny part of what we do.

Business Management

Our Cold Supply Chain operations heritage means we know that a plan is only as good as the facility's management. Our teams bring the experience, perspective, understanding, and hands-on know-how to build the logistics infrastructure that you require.

Transportation & Logistic Solutions

Whatever you're shipping, we can help. With the best warehouse management systems and support to distribute products safely and reliably through freight organizations, rail, water, and air delivery services to deliver your product globally.


Cold Chain Asset and Facility Management Services

We are a well-known team with a solid professional track record and reputation in the Cold Chain Industry. The team has complementary skill sets with an extensive proven track record for delivering market-leading exemplary projects and transactions.

Cold Chain Solutions

  • Storage Cold Storage warehouses receive products from their clients on pallets and floor loaded depending on the origin of shipment and the shipper’s preference. Whatever the means of arrival the product is received in, it is placed on pallets to the specification of the client’s need and then stored in the warehouse, where we maintain temperatures and humidity level that will extend the product’s shelf life.
  • Consolidation Client of cold storage warehouses will buy product from several vendors and have those vendors ship it to a specific cold storage warehouse. Then the product can be consolidated for the client and then shipped to a specific store or end user by a single carrier fully loaded, instead of one pallet at a time.
  • Inventory/Tracking Management Warehouse Management Systems is the software managed by our ICT department. Chelsea’s International WMS allows our client’s to view all inventory activities online via the internet. The WMS internet access allows the clients to order and track shipments via smartphone apps and web portal why they are anywhere in the world in real-time.
  • Customization The handling and storing the product in various different manner (Import/Export, tempering, separated from other products and various other needs per client’s requests). Documentation handled differently, i.e., invoicing as truck load ships for the clients, etc.

Value Added Services

  • Sorting/Packing/Grading Management of a Pack, Sort, and Grading facility to give the consumer a better-quality product. We will monitor shrinkage to maintain profitability.
  • Supply Chain Management Our global team of experts in end-to-end cold supply chains adapts clients to the new global reality by enhancing supply chain risk management, stress-testing supply chain resilience, and improving agility. We develop at speed to help companies build future-ready intelligent cold supply chains that create change, cut costs, and drive value.
  • Technical Training for Food Handling and Storage We equip employees with the ability to leverage data-driven knowledge to drive results. We provide custom training for employees. We educate all employees on regulatory procedures for their commodities and equip them with knowledge of operating a safe facility.
  • Management/Leadership — Because we cover all the core functions, from operations, service, engineering, and logistics through to innovation, strategy, and M&A, we have the complete picture—end to end—of what our clients need to succeed. We understand that any optimizing we do needs to be recession-proof, future-proof, and downturn-proof and that new capabilities are all well and good but mean nothing if our clients don’t have the personnel to sustain them.

Business Management

  • Strategy  Whatever the circumstance, however challenging — rest assured, Chelsea International can help. Our professionals have decades of experience tackling complex cold supply chain issues from performance improvement to restructuring, from financial and strategic analyses to crisis communications. Chelsea International has helped forge market penetration in Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. Our experience in this arena has made us unique in the cold storage industry. Because of our expertise in business development, we will help teach best practices in Operations and Executive Management for our clients.
  • Advisory Chelsea International assists mature and growing companies throughout developing countries in anticipating and preparing for the future, whether it involves realigning the balance sheet, exercising proper risk management, or developing strategic alternatives.
  • Solutions Our team of expert consultants from the cold chain industry unites with our clients to deliver tailored solutions that yield tangible and lasting results that maximize their possibilities and profits.

Transportation & Logistic Solutions

  • Transportation Management  Our global reach, deep industry knowledge, innovative technology, and extensive transportation experience will facilitate the distribution of our client’s products safely and reliably. Our expertise in handling food commodities will carry over to our logistical department.
  • Logistics Control It is not easy to find quality temperature-controlled transportation for frozen or chilled food in developing markets. Chelsea International provides a complete transportation management solution for all of our customer’s inbound commodities and outbound finished products, including regional, governmental, customs, trade compliance, and distribution solutions.
  • 3PL Management and Solutions Our team will bring the latest 3PL learning to bear on our customers’ unique challenges and desires. We leverage our experience to create innovative and tailored solutions that help our customers optimize their cold supply chains to stay ahead of their competition in a market that changes every single day.

What can we help you overcome?

Chelsea International Cold Storage & Logistics is one of the foremost innovative companies in the cold supply chain industry. We offer quality guidance that emphasizes modern training and professionalism in handling our customers' needs to forge a relationship with our clients and communities built upon integrity and honesty.

Our Team

Chelsea International brings unsurpassed management in the industry with decades of experience.

James “Rusty” Eason

James has enjoyed a 30 year career in 3PL Logistics, primarily operating and managing cold chain companies in the US, East Africa, and the Middle East. He is one of the top twenty-two post-harvest loss experts globally that the Rockefeller Foundation chose to convene for futuristic solutions in the cold chain to reduce food loss. James has worked with multiple governments in Africa and the Middle East on implementing best practices in the cold chain industry. He is the technical advisor to the largest cold chain association in the world, Global Cold Chain Alliance, www.gcca.org, currently working on a merger and acquisition of cold chain companies for the country of Oman.

Simon Reid

Simon Reid has enjoyed a 32-year career in international real estate, venture capital, and capital markets in the UK, US, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. He has experience in mature, developed markets such as the UK and emerging markets, in particular the Indian sub-continent. Simon graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 1989 with an Honours Degree in Real Estate Management and has been a professional Member of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors since 1992.


Our Core Partners

Chelsea International works with numerous companies, experts, consultants, trainers, and staff to assist our clients. Below are the core companies that we work with.

JAHRA Consulting’s expertise lies heavily in end-to-end supply chain management across FMCG, Food and Beverage, and Pharma, including, Engineering and Freight Forwarding.

Brighthouse Consultancy and Training Limited transforms the way businesses grow by providing knowledge, guidance, and instruction to entrepreneurs all around the world at the most affordable cost possible.

The Global Cold Chain Alliance is comprised of three associations and one foundation, called Core Partners. GCCA serves as the focused voice of the cold chain industry, representing 1,100 member companies in over 85 countries.

The International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW) will build, strengthen and represent the global temperature-controlled third party warehousing and logistics industry.


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