Sarah Nyambura Eason
Sarah Nyambura EasonDirector of Administration
Co-founded the company: 2007
In current position since: 2007

Previous Experience: My previous experience includes being a founding member of the Kenyan Company: Kimuson Investments, Inc a real estate brokerage firm. I sold commercial and residential real estate in Kenya in the Nairobi area. I was the Managing director of the business and was responsible for day to day operations and oversaw all sales and marketing activities.

In 2013, the company morphed into a Business Service/Business Development company providing back office support and business direction for Small and Medium Enterprises throughout Africa (African’s for African Development).

Education: My education is as a Certified Public Accountant, and I have my Diploma of Law

Community Leadership: I love working in the community and have fundraised for Orphanages in Kenya. Worked as a Civil Rights activist in Kenya. I am a member of World Food and Logistics Organization (WFLO) and Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA).

In addition: I have consulted on various NGO’s projects in Kenya from drafting legal documents and/or advising small and medium size enterprises on best practices for operations to obtain entrance into International Markets.