• Storage - Cold Storage warehouses receive products from their clients on pallets and floor loaded depending of origin of shipment and preference of shipper. Whatever the means of arrival the product is received in and it is placed on pallets to the specification of the client’s need and then stored in the warehouse, where we maintain temperatures and humidity level that will extend shelf life of product.
  • Consolidation - Client of cold storage warehouses will buy product from several vendors and have those vendors ship it to a specific cold storage warehouse. Then the product can be consolidated for the client and then shipped to a specific store or end user by a single carrier fully loaded, instead of one pallet at a time.
  • Transportation - Chelsea International Cold Storage will provide transport services for our clients on a regional scale. The SME’s will have access to refrigerated trucks to pick up and deliveries.
  • Inventory/Tracking Management - Warehouse Management Systems is the software managed by our ICT department. Chelsea’s International WMS allows our client’s to view all inventory activities online via the internet. The WMS internet access allows the clients to order and track shipments via smartphone apps and web portal why they are anywhere in the world in real-time.
  • Customization - The handling and storing the product in various different manner (Import/Export, tempering, separated from other products and various other needs per client’s requests). Documentation handled differently i.e. invoicing as truck load ships for the clients etc.

Chelsea International Cold Storages Added Service

  • Sorting/Packing/Grading Facility – Chelsea International will provide a facility for the SME’s that will Pack, Sort and Grade their commodities to provide the consumer a better quality product. Shrinkage will be monitored to give our clients the data they need to maintain a profitable company.
  • Supply Chain Management Coordinator (Business Development Department) - Chelsea works with the clients to help develop a supply chain solution that best meets the client’s need as well as cut cost.
  • Flexibility - Scheduling of last minute shipping/receiving request, changes in hours of operations at the clients need.
  • Technical Training for Food Handling and Storage needs - Chelsea International will provide in-house training for our clients who have need. The SME’s can be taught all regulatory procedures for their commodities and knowledge of how to enter export markets.
  • Knowledge Center - Our warehouses become collection centers of customers who buy particular products at certain times of years and this data is helpful to identify new markets for our clients, in conjunction with our supply chain management department this will cut cost for our clients in storage fees as well as Transportation fees.
  • Marketing Support- - Chelsea has a business development partner in Haven Business Solutions that allows our client’s to build relationship with each other and can help initiate market penetrationfor both domestic and international markets as well as train their employees on best management practices for food safety handling and storage. Our programs are geared to help developing countries meet the standards for introduction to international markets.