Chelsea International has worked with various NGO’s and Association to help forge market penetration in various regions in Africa and Middle East and Central Asia. Our experience in this arena has made us unique in the cold storage industry and because of our expertise in business development we will help teach best practices in Operations as well as Executive Management for our client’s.

Therefore we have reached out to our sister company Haven Business Solutions in Nairobi, Kenya, Haven Business Solutions helps small and medium size business’s (SME’s) throughout developing countries predominately in Africa. Their vision along with Chelsea’s International is to help those small and medium size companies to maximize their possibilities and profits and at the same time to teach the SME’s best practices in food safety handling and sanitation procedures. Haven Business Solutions is a company that will help the SME’s in back office support and do the leg work of incorporating, and will establish business relationship that will help the SME’s sell product in markets otherwise they would not have access. The SME’s product will be of higher quality and garner a higher price and Post-Harvest Loss can be minimized if the procedures they teach and suggested by Haven Business Solution are followed by their client’s.

Chelsea International Cold Storage and Logistics, LLC has partnered with Haven Business Solution to build a better future for our children in Africa. Africans for African Development.