Dear Valuable Customers:

Today, with the help of its CEO, Mr. James Rusty Eason, Chelsea International Cold Storage and Logistics embarks on this informative and instructional guide to identify cold storage, warehousing, food handling, and logistical needs in developing markets around the world.

We will deal with the various levels of complexity within the Cold Storage and Logistic business, which may include political-will, trade barrier, illegal tariffs, pricing genius (not boasting), warehouse operations, transportation management, and multiple other topics. We will try and take the intimidation factor out of big words that describes the different facets of our business and apply those terms which will hopefully be understood as something realistic and applicable, rather than being something mystical.

Therefore, we created categories to discuss the business, so I have outlined a few below and we can elaborate on these topics in various ways.

  • Global Cold Supply Chain Expertise
  • Food Safety Handling Techniques
  • Warehouse Management and Logistics’ Management
  • Industry News
  • Creative Business Solutions in a “Not-So” idea environment


For example, Warehouse Management can mean a human resource question or a pricing issue with customers. The term: warehouse management encompasses everything that happens daily within the warehouse environment. During the day, the manager will (has too) wear many hats, but the only recognition that he/she gets, or is given credit for, is managing. Often, it feels like you babysit employees more than manage them. On top of that, there is no extra pay in that job function and these problems resolutions are ignored during salary review.

However, if you ask the Executive in most companies, you get a political correct answer, which would read like: sure, we care and our human resource manager has implemented a program on how to train managers on that very issues. Hmmm, Really? Let’s get realistic for a moment. In business, for the most part, those programs are to appease regulations, and come into compliance, so we receive no violation. But behind the tears of the employee and behind the disgruntled employee is a real problem, so why can’t we have real resolution? All employees ask for more money first but it only brings quiet for a while, never resolution. However, most employees/people understand that companies can’t afford a pay raise every time. But what has been lost in the business environment is care for someone and something other than the bottom-line. Ethics, integrity, quality workmanship, and pride in what you produce have left the ranks of management’s concerns. So how do we turn the tears of employees into listening/caring ears of management?

Chelsea International Cold Storage and Logistics was born from tearful experiences in business that allows us to understand your needs. Chelsea (ME) has survived the hard trials and tribulation of success and failure along the twenty-four years in this industry to understand the tears of those employees, customers, managers, and all other care issues someone has on the job. No one cries unless they care! Chelsea International Cold Storage and Logistics, treats everyone as our customers!!! Our customers include our employees, engineers, vendors and everyone that we do business with, they are our customer. Stated simply, “How can we serve you!”


So until next blog, have a great week or two!

We welcome any and all questions and look forward to them.

Until Next time…

James Rusty Eason
CEO – Chelsea International Cold Storage