Chelsea International Cold Solutions

Chelsea International Cold Solutions currently consults throughout various parts of the world to design and implement Cold Supply Chain Solutions that best benefits our clients. We provide transformational strategies to developing markets with inexpensive pricing on modern cold storage needs that will implement the best management training in the industry, along with state of the art infrastructure and technology. We also explore green initiatives with solar powered cold storage’s – both stationary and mobile, solar power banks for existing cold chain infrastructures, and solar powered cold boxes for transportation.

We will provide our clients with on hands training on how to extend the shelf life of perishable crops & reduce post-harvest losses, how to safely handle the product, and help guide them through parastatal and governments regulations procedures to enter multiple international markets. Our goal is to become the premier cold chain supply solution.

Cold Chain Consultancy Solutions

Consultancy in Cold Storage, Transportation to Extend the Shelf Life of Perishable Crops & Reduce Post-Harvest Loss, Inventory/Tracking Management, Food Safety, Sorting/Packing/Grading is just a small part of what we do.

Green Energy Technology

Consultancy in Solar Powered Cold Storage Systems – Both Stationary and Mobile, Solar powered Banks for Existing Cold Chain Infrastructures, Solar powered Cold Boxes for Transportation, and Temperature and Relative Humidity Monitoring.

Logistical Management Training

Training in Transportation and Logistics. Training in Best Warehouse Management Systems and assistance to help facilitate distribution of our client’s products in a safe and reliable manner.

Professional Endorsements

I had the pleasure of working briefly with James Eason popularly known and addressed as “Rusty” on LAKAJI Corridor assessment project in Nigeria. His vast knowledge of cold chain industry, food safety management and his business acumen make him stand out as a Business Development Service provider. He is a forthright, diligent and patient personality. His professional expertise coupled with his person will guarantee the success of any business in the cold chain industry.
Adebukola Sotubo - International Food Standards Advisor, USAID Nigeria Expanded Trade and Transport (NEXTT)
I had the pleasure of working with Mr. James Rusty Eason for approximately four years.  I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy.   He fully understands the in’s and out’s of a PRW.   He also understands how to work with customers and get to the bottom of their needs.   He has the ability to implement changes while keeping his target in focus.
Karen Reece - Vice President, Eskimo Cold Storage
Over the last year, I have used Mr. Eason’s expertise on several USAID and USDA-funded agricultural development programs that have  cold chain component.  With over 20+ year experience working in the cold storage industry here in the USA, Mr. Eason has been a sincere advocate for cold chain infrastructure improvement in developing countries, particularly in Africa.  I have used Mr. Eason as a cold chain technical expert  on several projects that I have managed, and he has a great ability to tailor some of the best practices that he has acquired as an industry expert to the needs of each country and business operating environment.
Nikki Duncan - Director, International Programs, Global Cold Chain Alliance
James “Rusty” Eason recently worked with me on a corridor development project in Nigeria. I found Mr. Eason’s knowledge, experience  and work as a cold chain technical expert to be excellent. His abilities to teach and follow best management practices is unparalleled. As an industry expert, his expertise and advice would be most beneficial to any company or countries with cold chain needs.
Dr. Mima S. Nedelcovych - President & CEO, Initiative for Global Development

Why Choose Us

      • Thirty-Two years of Cold Storage Industry experience
      • Customer to Customer or “Business to Business” (B2B) connections expertise
      • Training in the best practices for every step in the Cold Supply Chain
      • Training and orientation for infrastructure needs
      • Knowledge of the African Food Industry
      • Flexibility of design and implementation for customer’s needs
Our mission at Chelsea International is to provide cold chain solutions for developing markets around the world. Chelsea International Cold Solutions will consult on modern facilities and provide the training of supply chain coordinators and logistic experts. Our first class business development will initiate growth and will oversee efficiency to bring the highest quality professional services to our clients all the while remaining very affordable.
Our goal at Chelsea International is to become the premier cold chain supply solution to developing markets.
Chelsea International works with various NGO’s and Associations to help forge market penetration in various regions in Africa and the Middle East and Central Asia, plus other developing markets. Our experience in this arena makes us unique in the cold supply solutions, because of our expertise in cold storage we will help teach best practices in operations as well as professional training for our client’s.